About us

Welcome to our wellbeing studio.

We are a group of long experienced therapists, passionate with what we do. Eager to share our dedication in a commune space, we created the rolling therapists in the district of Gracia, Barcelona.

We want to support you for a healthier lifestyle, help you to reduce the stress levels of this frenetic urban rhythm through massage and techniques for your wellbeing.
Massage is a natural and organic way to wellness. It’s a way to get rid of physical and emotional knots accumulated through the relaxation of the nervous system and tissues.
Whether it is for muscular tension, stress or anxiety problems, a regular massage will help you stimulate the natural healing process of the organism and improve considerably your quality of life
Looking forward to see you!If you have any doubt or question,don´t hesitate to contact us.


The relaxing massage uses soft and smooths strokes that relax body and mind.
It acts like a natural analgesic, bringing you wellness.
It has positive effects on your mood and relaxes your nervous system.

One of the most famous and ancient massage, it goes further than relaxation. It´s also a
therapeutic massage were techniques and intensity are adapted to the finality of relaxing or stimulating the muscular system. It helps the body to restore his natural state of balance.

Massage of greater intensity to reach the deeper layers of the tissues. Recurrent knots can be worked on at the same time that the musculature relaxes.

Necessary in a balanced training. It focuses on the different areas of the body that are
overused and stressed and is directed to all level’s athletes, from first class professionals to
week end joggers. De details of this massage are specifics to each discipline.

Thai massage was developed and introduced in Thailand, around 2500 years ago, by the Indian physicist, Jivaka Kumar Bhacca (Dr. Shivago Komarpaj), doctor of the Buda and of the order of the Buddhist monks.
This massage was transmitted during generations, integrating a spiritual practice, since it is performed from the principles of Metta (loving kindness) and Vipassana (meditative state) and as part of the traditional thai medicine.
This massage is practiced on the floor, on a futon, with light clothing. Energetic lines Sen are worked on (meridians of traditional Chinese medicine), by applying pressure with the thumbs, elbows, feet and knees and stretching all the muscular chains.
Blockages are stagnant energy that is released by working on the pressure points. With stretching and mobilizations, muscles are stretched further than one could do alone, while joints are getting unlocked.
Thai massage both relaxes and revitalises the organism.
Very indicated as prevention, to treat pain and injuries, for athletes as well as sedentary people.

A therapeutic technique really efficient to release stress and stimulate the different organic systems, since the sole of the foot is a map of the entire human body. Feet are stretched and massaged to open the energetic lines and reflex pressure points of the organism are worked on using a reflexology stick.
Thai reflexology allows endorphins to be released and relaxes deeply body and mind without having to take of the clothing and in less than an hour.

Low Pressure Fitness (en)

A system of global training where hypopressive abs, breathing and postural exercises are combined.
The session is based on:

Hypopressive abs techniques

Postural Re-education

Myofascial stretching

NeurodynamiC(mobilisation and stretching of the peripheral nerves)

You will obtain immediate benefices in your muscular tone and your pelvic floor, will improve your sport’s performance, your posture, back pain, reduction of the waist circumference, postpartum recovery, flexibility in the muscular chains.



90 minutes: 55 €

60 minutes: 40 €

30 minutes: 25 €

Reflexology 50 minutes: 30€



Enjoy special prices with the“Rolling Vouchers”!!!

4 sessions, 60 minutes: 145€

(voucher expires after 2 months)

6 sessions, 60 minutes: 210€

(voucher expires after 3 months)

10 sessions, 60 minutes: 340€

(voucher expires after 6 months)

FAQ’S (en)


Can I work or exercise the same day?

We recommend you allow yourself a good time of relax, both mental and physical after the massage. Your body will use this time to recover and re-establish his functions.

Can I eat before?

Minimum 2 hours since last meal, light if possible, so that the digestive system have time to finish his task.

What if I am pregnant?

It will help to release the pressure that the gain of weight produces on the joints, to drain fluid retention, to stimulate the circulation, to move and sleep better. You shouldn’t get a massage on the first 3 months of your pregnancy though.

When shouldn´t I receive a massage?

In case of fever, severe or contagious dermatologic disorder, inflammation, in the first trimester of pregnancy or risk pregnancy, inflammation of lymph nodes,vascular disease. Because each situation is different, if you have doubts, we recommend you to ask your doctor.

What benefits will I receive from the massage?

It stimulates the blood and lymphatic flow, raises the level of oxygen in the blood, strengthen the immunologic system, improves the posture, the skin´s elasticity, the range of motion and flexibility. It also helps with problems of insomnia, anxiety or nervous disorders…
The breathing becomes more fluid and deeper and so the nervous system rebalances, stress level lowers.

How often should I receive a massage?

If you come to relax, you can come at any time you wish, with regularity for maintenance. If you come for a specific pain it might be necessary to work in various followed sessions. For chronic pain, a weekly session is recommended.

How long should a session be?

We recommend 90 or at least 60 minutes, allowing us to work on the full body and in a deeper level.

If you are short in time, or just want to focus in a specific area, we can realise a shorter massage, of 30 minutes.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, we work only by appointment, via WhatsApp and through the web site.